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Geek Mojo Album Review–AMOK by Atoms for Peace

Atoms for Peace- AMOK

Atoms for Peace- AMOK

As a long-time Radiohead fan, I gobble up anything Thom Yorke produces (everything he produces aurally that is.)  I love his solo work, and I was just as impressed with the new album by Atoms for Peace, AMOK.  Henceforth is my review; I tried to make it as chaotic, edgy, and electrified as the material in question.

The whole thing starts with an ethereal piece called “Before Your Very Eyes”.  I will attempt to sum up each song on this album with a little poetry and prose, followed by my rating of each–here’s my scale;

1. Meh.
2. Hmm.
3. There We Go!
4. Fuck yes.
5. Pure genius!

1. Before Your Very Eyes- Traveling dirge for a Yeti backpacking across Europe on meth 2 stars.
2. Default- Uplifting, trippy hoppy siren song, clicky and haunting 4 stars.
3. Ingenue- Thom Yorke is a Cosmic Epileptic, Bent on Searing my Mind with Beats, instant classic 5 stars (side note:the tones of this song will vibrate the plastic off of whatever electronics you use to play it, not unlike any Modeselektor jam.)
4. Dropped- Someone skullfucked me with a synthesizer, then poulticed the wounds with that electric water shit from the original Tron3 stars.
5. Unless- Vincent Price did E with Bach, then went on a bender in Acapulco 2 stars.
6. Stuck Together Pieces Harmonious, infectious funk in liquid form, shaken, not stirred, then injected directly into your bone marrow 4 stars.
7. Judge, Jury and Executioner- A chorus of angels play rubber bass guitars until Thom takes them to task, 2 stars.
8. Reverse Running- You are listening to this album for this song.  This is your reward for having heard the whole record through, an auditory balm that vibrates the bones, with an eery, insectile finisher about 4 minutes in.  Fantastic. 4 stars.
9. Amok- An 8-bit Atari tune shat from a large rhinoceros.  Moody and engaging, punctuated by nerve-jangling beats that force an involuntary blink of the eye. 3 stars.

I found this music to perfectly fit with my existing tastes and music library.  It is a moody rock/electronica/industrial fusion, dramatic while maintaining a pulse-quickening pace, complimented by harmonious interludes perfectly paced by obviously-veteran musical geniuses, bent on giving their art the full breadth of human experience in audio form.

In short: fuck yes.